Steakhouse, Oceana Beach Club

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Spend the day in the life of a steak while taking a tour around West 14th!

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Inspired both by his home street, West 14th, and the “bustling” Meatpacking District, the Butcher has created a range of mouthwatering delicacies that are bound to appeal to the most skeptical of carnivores. Take a sneak peek into the Butcher’s creations, they will leave you wanting for more.

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Don’t put your appetite on hold. Book now and indulge in juicy, sumptuous cuts handpicked by the Butcher himself. He eagerly awaits you ready to fire up the grill. If you leave hungry, his reputation will be put at “steak”.



3 on 1 Lunch

Pick your lunch! Tired of having the same set menus for lunch? You don’t have to anymore! Pick your 3 favorite dishes from our ever changing daily favorites and enjoy ...

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Celebrate the very best the U.S has to offer with a selection of the butcher’s favorite cuts and grapes accompanied with live entertainment! Choose from a selection of meat cuts ...

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Healthy or hearty, we are now serving breakfast every weekend! West 14th New York Prime will be open Friday and Saturday mornings for your breakfast pleasure. When: Every Friday and ...