Steakhouse, Oceana Beach Club

After a long day of plying his trade and wielding sharpened steel cleavers in the boroughs of Manhattan’s Meatpacking district, the Butcher sat quietly and listened to the bustling sounds of the city that indeed never sleeps.

A sight of the iconic West 14th street sign caught his eye, a piece of history that stood there through good and the bad, absorbing a century’s worth of fascinating stories from the lives of the generations of butchers trying to pursue the American dream at the Meatpacking District. Inspired by his father and grandfathers, he came to a realization that he wants to pursue his own dream and create his very own home away from home.

As a product of his contemplation, the butcher packed his favorite steel cleavers, headed to the exotic Dubai and that’s how the “West 14th steakhouse” was born.

Front of the house, West 14th has a rustic, open plan loft inspired interior, oozing the contemporary charm of New York City. The dimmed red and black hues of the interior are complemented with sensual jazz and soul tunes performed by live band.

Kitchen-side, the atmosphere is everything a good American movie depicts. It is bustling, sizzling, steamy, interactive, passionate, and always professional. With the collective energy of a tribe of New York buskers, an entire team focused on top-performance steam and “grill away” Black Angus and Wagyu juicy prime cuts selected by the Butcher from Nebraskan and Australian ranches respectively.

Adorning the outskirts of West 14th, is the bar deck, overlooking the stunning view of the glitzy Dubai Marina’s skyline. Casually cool, the bar deck is a perfect place to indulge in delicious Caipirinhas, Mojitos and the other cocktails and wines while watching the sun setting over the Arabian Gulf.

With that, the Butcher has successfully crafted his home away from home embracing the new but reminiscent of the old. He looks at a different West 14th sign now, cherishing every moment and creating new memories.